Full Mod Support through Unity3D

I am excited to report that Super Voxel World now has full modding support through Unity3d! Anything that Unity3d can handle natively can now be modded into the game. That means models, sounds, prefabs, and even scripts can all be exported using the provided tool (available under downloads).  Multiple mods can be loaded at once, and you can reload them at anytime while in-game (no need to restart!), making development super fast and fun. 

If you are a modder or have any experience with Unity3d then you can head on over to the wiki page to get started. First download the .unityPackage example mod and open it in Unity3d. This package is a simple example that reads input and spawns random prefabs in front of the player. It shows how to mod in materials, prefabs, read user input, and interact with the modding utility functions. All of your asset files can reside in the "Assets/ExampleMod" directory. 

The included code in "ExampleMod/ExampleMod.cs" is pretty straightforward and should look familiar to Unity developers :

Once you're ready to export your mod just go to Tools -> uMod Mod Exporter  2.0-> Build Mod

Once building is complete, the file directory with your mod will open up. Drop this in the /Mods directory of your Super Voxel World installation and load the game up. Once you're in the game you'll notice a new Mods tab :

If you make new changes to your mod just toggle the checkbox off and then on again to reload the mod. Try changing the function "spawnRandomCube()" to "mod.spawnRagdoll()"  and then reloading the mod to see how this updates. Pretty slick!

There are dozens of helper methods for you to use, from reading input, to spawning objects, to checking state. For example, you could set a switch to activate once the player's score reached a certain amount, which might cause a servo motor to activate revealing a hidden entrance. Or you could modify the physics of the player to make them fly, float, or bounce around. You could change their model to something else entirely like a spaceship or animal. Don't like the blocky look? Mod in some ultra-realistic assets. Create new game modes, modify existing functionality, or just have fun learning Unity and C# alongside a game. The possibilities really are endless.

Have fun!



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Jan 10, 2019

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