Ocean, Sky, and Lighting Update

I've recently been working on an additional water shader to compliment the new terrain. It reflects the clouds and terrain nearby, has refraction, and underwater effects. It is the default ocean selected when you create a new world using the fancy terrain type.

I also created a new grass texture to compliment the new terrain, which is less noisy and fits the flat aesthetic much better. It really makes a big difference in-game. 

Lastly, there is a new animation that plays when you place blocks down. I think it looks really slick and adds a new level of polish to the building system. Try placing some trees down and see for yourself!

By changing the sky box, time of day, water, and land fixtures you can dramatically change the mood of a world. It's now easy to create a bright, cartoony experience or even a darky, moody and realistic one. I can see players getting really creative with this.

This next update should be out soon. I'm working hard on it, so stay tuned!

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